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Capture the most sincere feelings and craziest moments—family, love, friendship, action, fun, surprise, or reflection—with a professional touch and make your living by selling candid photos of people in digital.

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How It Works

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    Take your camera, get excited, and start moving!
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    Go out and snap photos of people having fun.
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    Give everyone you shoot your business cards with the address of your gallery on KeepSnap.
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    Make sure your photos look good and upload it to KeepSnap.
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    Your customers will visit your personal page on KeepSnap, choose photos they like the most, and make a purchase.
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    It takes just a bit of inspiration and eagerness to start making money on something you love. Begin right now!
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  • Get started

    KeepSnap is free for photographers. Just sign up, get familiar with our unique features that make your job easier, plan out your shoots, and start acting!

  • Take photos

    Print off your promo cards, arm up with a DSLR camera, and set off on a quest for happy faces, pure emotions, and wonderful photos.

  • Upload them

    Find a cozy place and get yourself a cup of tea, pick out the best shots, edit them if necessary, and upload to KeepSnap.

  • Make sales

    Your photography and people skills will speak for you. Customers who like your photos will enter your gallery and buy their digital pictures over the next 14 days.

  • Keep growing

    Never stop snapping and live your passion. Improve your skills, grow in rating, and receive bonuses that let you earn more.

Check out What Photographers Say

  • KeepSnap solves that problem and lets the photographer focus more on the work that he needs to grow in experience, I think this is a great tool for everyone, both beginner and professional photographers.

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  • It's never fun to spend hours on marketing or phone calls. Anything that will help you spend more time meeting people and photographing is a great thing!

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  • I think it's a brilliant idea. And surely it's a great instrument for amateur photographers to monetise their hobby.

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  • As I already mentioned above, you should love what you do, give all your time to it, dream, invent, and obviously make photos.

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  • Ivan Nava

    Internationally recognized automotive and portrait photographer

  • Jens Lennartsson

    Internationally recognized travel and lifestyle photographer

  • Ivan Adamidis

    Award-winning photographer

  • Kirill Umrikhin

    Professional extreme sports and travel photographer

Make Money

Times Square, New York City, gets 39,200,000 visitors each year.

Which means that you can make about 300 beautiful photos of 100 people a day if you hang out and about in a popular place in your city.

Which means that you can make about 300 beautiful photos of 100 people a day if you hang out and about in a popular place in your city. If you get along with people really well and can spark their interest, your purchase rate will skyrocket and reach 60% at the end of the 14-day period we keep your new photos on our servers.

Your income from every photo for printing you sell will be $3,49 or at least $200 if you sell 60 photos that you made in a day. It’s easy maths!

Get It Going

  • KeepSnap is intuitive and distraction-free. We delicately handle all tedious, boring, and time-consuming job that you wouldn’t have time for when it comes to taking amazing photos and earning money. Simply keep on shooting, concentrate on becoming a pro, and purchase better photography equipment.

  • Surprise people

    Reviewing pictures is free for your customers, whilst all purchased photos are stored on KeepSnap servers forever. This is exactly what makes you so appealing as a photographer, helps build up trust, and serves as a driving force for sales.

  • Learn and earn

    Taking photos daily helps you get better at photography quicker and speaking with people you shoot lets you find out what they like more and therefore improve your conversion and purchase rate.

  • Do more with less

    Uploading shots you took is really easy as filling in the file information, adjusting the photo size, sorting out the pictures, and processing transactions are all performed in an automatic way. It’s minimum involvement and maximum profit.

Cover Events

It's really simple to get clients working with KeepSnap when you think about it. If you don't fancy looking for clients outdoors yourself, simply try event photography and let them find you without saying a word. It's so much easier to make sales if you follow the crowd and take beautiful shots of people where they want it.

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    Clubs & Gigs

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    Exhibitions & Conferences

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    Sports Events

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    Markets & Fairs

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    Themed Festivals

Or take photos of people having fun outdoors. Go to your city's tourist attractions, parks, squares, community centers, natural monuments, and other awesome and atmospheric places. Talk with people, get them interested, and take photos. They will just love it. Read our weekly digest on popular events in our Facebook and Twitter and choose where you want to snap people this time or pick out an event in your city to your taste yourself. Simply take your camera, snap it, give customers your promo cards, and earn on your passion.

Go Mobile

Even more clients and sales. Our mobile app will take care of that!


Download our KeepSnap mobile application for Android and iOS* to take complete control over your sales and stats. Make your experience with KeepSnap easier and more profitable.

  • Turn the discoverable mode on to let people who would like to get their photo taken see you on the map and find you themselves.
  • Create private galleries on-the-go using your cell phone and upload reference photos of customers that would like to have a bit of privacy.
  • Your customers will simply need to scan the QR code from your promo card to get notified when their photos are ready.