Best Photography Blogs June Monthly Digest

Best Photography Blogs Digest

Today is Sunday and we bet that you had a great relaxing day and now are looking for photography inspiration over the web because tomorrow is Monday and your head needs to be full of awesome ideas for new photos.

We start our new monthly digest series in which we’ll tell you about the best photography blogs for learning, inspiration, and funny and interesting stories from life of photographers. Check it out!

Our Awesome Quarterly Digest

Hi KeepSnappers! Firstly, we would like to thank you for staying with us these three months that we are posting in our blog. Thanks for reading us, liking our posts, and helping share them and spread the word about our project for independent photographers among your colleagues and friends.

This digest is all about awesomeness. It features the most interesting posts—helpful photography tips, reviews on brilliant photography gear, and biographies of great photographers—that you liked during these three months and helped us understand what you want to read so that we can prepare even better content for you. Stay tuned!

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