KeepSnap and Reflex Mania: Conquering Europe

We are growing daily and so is the number of our friends all around the world. Although we provide services worldwide, at first we wanted to gain presence in the English speaking world and then move to the other countries. This moment has come and the first country is Italy.

We teamed up with awesome guys from Reflex Mania—an Italian website with loads of helpful photography content and an equipment store—in order to reach thousands of skilled photographers based in Italy. Let’s see what Reflex Mania is about.

2015 by KeepSnap: Summing up and Future Plans

Finally, one of the most important days of the year has come, bringing its special holiday atmosphere that is hectic but so dear. Today billions of families and friends will get together to finish this year, summing up everything they have done so far, and enter the next year with many new plans and future hopes.

We've decided to join the tradition by summing up KeepSnap's progress in 2015 and revealing some of our plans for 2016. Welcome inside!

Earning on Wedding Photography with KeepSnap

There are dozens of way to earn with KeepSnap, but until recently wedding photography wasn’t one of them. However, the private gallery system that KeepSnap is based on lets photographers that work in any style use it for storing private photos of their clients for up to several months.

Earlier this year we decided to streamline this mechanism and add something that would make it possible for wedding photographers to earn more by selling extra photos they took at weddings and avoid headache about sending these photos over to guests by the newlyweds. Let’s review this feature in detail.

Massive Lens Give-A-Way by KeepSnap and PhotographyTalk: Meet the Winners

Massive Lens Give-A-Way by KeepSnap and PhotographyTalk: Meet the Winners

A few months ago we made an important step of getting affiliated with one of the world’s biggest photography websites,, and decided to celebrate our collaboration with a contest with amazing prizes. Three lenses worth from $500 to $2000 a piece.

And finally, now it’s time to sum it all up and announce three lucky photographers who will soon become the owners of these professional lenses.

KeepSnap iOS App Released

KeepSnap iOS App Released

Hi there, KeepSnappers! We’ve got a great news for you since our iOS app has been released. Continue reading to find out how it can help you make your work with KeepSnap easier and start earning more on independent photography.

Sponsoring 2015 Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk

The fall has come and it means that the world’s most anticipated photography event and massive gathering, Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk 2015, is only a couple of weeks away.

This happening will be held all around the world on the 3rd of October and we are proud to let you know that this year, just like back in 2014, we act as its official sponsor. Keep reading to find out how to participate in a free walk in your city, have lots of fun, and get awesome prizes.

KeepSnap Improvements in August

KeepSnap Improvements in August

The fall has come and replaced summer very quickly and you can already feel that the days are growing a bit colder and melancholic. However, the season is not the only thing that’s changing. KeepSnap is changing too and getting better monthly. We have prepared a list of improvements that were added to KeepSnap last month to give you yet another reason to take your camera, go out right now to make photos of people, and sell them on KeepSnap. Fall is a beautiful season to take photos!