Techniques to Reduce Camera Shake

Sometimes you have everything to take a perfect photo—subject, moment, lighting, surroundings, weather—that will win the heart of your client or the audience. You are attentively looking through the viewfinder at your model, irrespective of whether it's a photo model or random person outside that you found interesting. 

Every tiny part of your body and soul are tense and happy at the same time because you know that in a second you will release the shutter and take one of the best photos of your life. Click! You're looking at the LCD. And it is blurred because your hands were shaking.

Check out the most effective camera holding techniques and stop losing your precious photos.

Elbows in

Pull your elbows as close as it possible towards your chest and try to press them together. Then hold your breath and release the shutter.

Left shoulder up

Try raising your left shoulder and pressing your left arm to your chest. Although in this case you will need to use your left eye to look through the viewfinder, your shoulder will create a kind of support for your camera.

Use your knee

Forgot a tripod? Simply sit down, make sure that your legs are relaxed, put your elbow onto your knee as if it was a tripod, and shoot it. In order to make the camera even more stable, you can pull your other arm very close towards your chest and hold your breath before releasing the shutter.

Laying down

And though this method won't allow for creation of manifold shots, it will still let you avoid camera shake in all possible situations. Simply lie down and place your camera onto the ground or on your hand in order to be able to shoot something which is located higher.

Camera is your weapon

Hold your camera with your right hand, take your right arm with your left hand, and place the camera on your left arm. Sounds a bit tricky, doesn't it? Sometimes this technique is called machine gun hold.

Hug your camera

Simply hold your camera with two hands—one hand holding the case where the shutter release is and the other hand holding the part near the lens—as if you were hugging it.

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