Earning on Wedding Photography with KeepSnap

There are dozens of way to earn with KeepSnap, but until recently wedding photography wasn’t one of them. However, the private gallery system that KeepSnap is based on lets photographers that work in any style use it for storing private photos of their clients for up to several months.

Earlier this year we decided to streamline this mechanism and add something that would make it possible for wedding photographers to earn more by selling extra photos they took at weddings and avoid headache about sending these photos over to guests by the newlyweds. Let’s review this feature in detail.


Most wedding photographers work according to the same payment scheme. They meet up with the couple and talk over the price for one day of the photo shoot or the entire wedding if it’s to last longer than a day. This price includes a certain fixed amount of shots that photographer will need to pick out and send to the couple

However, this collaboration scheme presents two problems.

The first is that during a day or two of the wedding the photographer usually takes over 1000 or even 2000 shots, but only a couple of hundreds of photos will be included in the final package for the newlyweds.

The other thousand of photos, which are often as good as the photos that were included in the package, will be bound to be forgotten among dozens of thousands of other pictures from wedding photo shoots or simply deleted. We believe that this is pretty wasteful and unfair.

The second problem has to do with the couple’s convenience. The thing is that some weddings are visited by over 100 people. Literally all of these people would like to check out the photos after the wedding.

Do you think that the newlyweds would have time for sending these photos over to dozens of people during their honeymoon? The answer is obvious. This is pure headache.


That is why we thought that using KeepSnap’s private galleries for storing the purchased photos from the wedding and selling the extra ones will be great.

This way the couple will only need to send the link to the photographer’s private gallery with the PIN to the guests and forget about it. At the same time, the photographer will be able to sell the guests extra photos that weren’t included in the photo package.

It’s really easy to use this feature. The only thing that you will need to do is:

  • Create a private gallery, set the PIN and the gallery lifetime, and upload all photos from the wedding in it. This includes both the photos that the newlyweds have already paid you for and those that you would like to sell to the guests;
  • Set the price for the shots that have been already purchased to FREE and set the price for all other photos in the gallery from $0.99 to $19.99 for a photo;
  • Send the gallery link and PIN to the newlyweds and ask them to share it with all guests.

The guests will enter your private gallery, which will be active for up to several months, and download the photos that were included in the final package for free. Then they will purchase other photos they like for the price you have set. All purchased photos, including those that were free, will be available on KeepSnap’s servers forever. Find out more about this feature here.

We will be glad to answer your questions in comments. Feel free to shoot us a message!

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