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KeepSnap directory is a place where awesome photographers meet willing clients and vice versa.
All photography styles and everywhere in the world. It’s just you and your customers.

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Why KeepSnap Directory?

  • Neat design and smart functionality

    We fused design and functionality together so that both the photographers and clients achieve several clear goals. Clients search and find, whilst photographers get listed and start earning.

  • Search by location and styles

    Your clients will be looking for you to hire you using GEO search and your photography styles. This way they will contact you to either book a phootshoot or hire you for remote work.

  • Distraction-free

    There’s nothing unnecessary. Clean and transparent design will help to make your profile visible and let the client find what they are looking for quicker.

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How Do I Get Listed?

  • Sign Up

    It’s simple! Sign up at KeepSnap if you still haven’t, enter Promo Tools → Directory section in your member's area.

  • Introduce yourself

    Fill all necessary fields like profile pic, photography styles, address, and contact information.

  • Show your best

    Then simply upload your most awesome and distinctive work in order to stand out from the crowd and attract more clients.

  • Publish

    Publish your profile and you are ready to promote your services. Feel excited?

Check out What Photographers Say

  • KeepSnap solves that problem and lets the photographer focus more on the work that he needs to grow in experience, I think this is a great tool for everyone, both beginner and professional photographers.

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  • It's never fun to spend hours on marketing or phone calls. Anything that will help you spend more time meeting people and photographing is a great thing!

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  • I think it's a brilliant idea. And surely it's a great instrument for amateur photographers to monetise their hobby.

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  • As I already mentioned above, you should love what you do, give all your time to it, dream, invent, and obviously make photos.

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  • Ivan Nava

    Internationally recognized automotive and portrait photographer

  • Jens Lennartsson

    Internationally recognized travel and lifestyle photographer

  • Ivan Adamidis

    Award-winning photographer

  • Kirill Umrikhin

    Professional extreme sports and travel photographer