15 Most Interesting Photography Facts from KeepSnap Vol. 3

Back in 2015 we started publishing Interesting Facts about Photography in hour blog. For over a year this section has gathered dozens of cool photography facts that can make you laugh, raise the eyebrows in surprise, or even become a little sad or melancholic for a moment. Check out the 15 most interesting and exciting photography facts from our blog in this post.

Who Are the Protagonists on the Kiss Photography?

What Light Phenomenon Is Captured on This Photo?

Can You Make Photos in Space?

What Effect Do Tree Leaves Produce during the Solar Eclipse?

How Can You Measure Shutter Speed Using a TV?

How Did the US Take Spy Photos of the Soviet Union?

What Is This Camera?

What Is the Difference between a Snapshot and Photo?

What Was the First Color Photograph and Who Made It?

In What Way Were Older Cameras Similar to Guns?

The World's Oldest Photograph of a Person

What Is Rapatronic Photography?

How Were Children Photographer in the Times of Daguerreotypes?

What Is the First Panoramic Camera Ever?

What Is the Oldest Aerial Photo Ever?

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