KeepSnap and Reflex Mania: Conquering Europe

We are growing daily and so is the number of our friends all around the world. Although we provide services worldwide, at first we wanted to gain presence in the English speaking world and then move to the other countries. This moment has come and the first country is Italy.

We teamed up with awesome guys from Reflex Mania—an Italian website with loads of helpful photography content and an equipment store—in order to reach thousands of skilled photographers based in Italy. Let’s see what Reflex Mania is about.

Reflex Mania is a nice and easy-to-use website that has been founded in 2013 in order to help Italian photography community learn to take better photos. That’s what they say about themselves.

“We are photographers and we truly understand the dreams you have, the frustrations you feel and the challenges you face. So we’ve got an idea. If we could create the ideal resource for photographers to use in order to learn and grow, what would it be like? Here's what we decided. Reflex-Mania should enlighten photographers through articles, lessons, videos and guides.

So we've amassed thousands of insightful articles to keep you engaged on popular topics like landscape, portraits, composition, Photoshop, macro, stock photography–even starting and running a successful business–plus so much more!”

There are hundreds of helpful articles and tips on photography, digests of work of famous photographers and their interviews, dozens of user’s manuals for a wide variety of Canon and Nikon cameras as well as a shop where photography enthusiasts from Italy can stock up on gear.

And that’s not all. Reflex Mania provides a really smart true-to-life lens and DSLR emulator so that you can compare the way the photo looks when taken with different cameras and lenses.

This is very useful if you’re planning to upgrade from crop sensor to full frame or just want to buy a new lens.

Be sure to check out their website and join their community on Facebook and Twitter if you speak Italian or just interested.


Have an awesome day and keep snapping,

KeepSnap team